Two truths, one lie

(The must-knows surrounding service supply chain management—and how it affects you)

The way businesses operate their service supply chain planning, delivery and recovery is subject to internal and external influences. But, where other departments have undergone a steady, continuous transformation and refinement over time, BPO and service supply chain management norms have largely trailed behind.

All this is set to change, though. Service, in all its forms, has become a key differentiator for businesses. And service supply chain management—the way you manage and operate your after-sales service—is the next big deal maker and breaker.

In this ebook, we’ll be looking at some of the views that affect the industry—and discussing the truth of the matter, from an insider perspective. We’ll be addressing digitalization, data strategy, supply issues, environmentally conscious decision making, long-term
sustainability, and more.

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At a glance

Understand how global supply shortages are impacted by linear supply chains, and how digitization can create circular supply chains for the future.


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