By Lindsay Shields, Director, Client Care, OnProcess Technology

The equipment exchange and inventory returns process can be a very frustrating, time consuming, and cumbersome process for the end user customer. This daunting experience can cause delays and in some cases prevent the inventory from being returned. Even worse, this negative experience can lead to dissatisfied customers and potential costly transactions back into the business such as inbound calls, unforecasted truck rolls, and churn.

The graph below is a sample voice of the customer report that identifies reasons for non-returns.



Through proactive support and coordination of the return, we’ve been able to improve this process for our clients and our clients’ customers. This preemptive approach creates a bridge between the customer and the client, removing barriers in the returns process. This methodology not only improves the end user’s customer experience but also drives increased and accelerated returns as shown in the velocity report below.



When you have valuable assets sitting with your customers, OnProcess can help by bridging the gap driving increased, accelerated returns while positively impacting your customer satisfaction ratings. To learn more, read the White Paper: Reducing Return Rates on Consumer Electronic Products.

How has your organization bridged the gap?