OnProcess Technology, Inc. has just launched a new service for customers of the Ariba® Business Commerce Network.

The new Proactive Supplier Enablement Services offering has been designed to help clients fully realize the benefits of the Ariba Network by maximizing the participation of suppliers on the system.

“With our well-known expertise in using proactive outreach communications to improve end-user adoption of client products and services, the launch of Supplier Enablement Services for Ariba was a natural fit”, said Robert Kenney, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for OnProcess.

The comprehensive set of services, including proactive communications to both buyers and suppliers; assistance with supplier registration; live, interactive supplier training and configuration of routing and email notifications, is easy to adopt and is aggressively priced on a per-supplier-contacted basis.

For more information, contact Robert Kenney, EVP or visit our website.

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