When Pat Glensinger, the CEO of Intel, the largest producers of semiconductors in the world, warns that the current chip shortage is unlikely to end before 2024, it sends ripples throughout the supply chain world. Intel reported a 7% drop in GAAP revenue year-over-year and is likely to be further impacted by the continuing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, where a large proportion of the Neon gas used in chip manufacture is produced. This issue, combined with the Covid lockdowns in Shanghai, is driving a strategy that may include reshoring critical supply chain elements to lessen the dependency on a small number of locations. This reflects a long-term strategy to rebalance supply and demand, but also requires a shorter-term solution to bridge the current challenges:

  1. As competition for products continues to increase and the cost of these continue to rise, the need to recover your assets from the field increases,
  2. Assets in the wrong place at the wrong quantities, be that a depot or an engineer’s local inventory, need to be back at the top of the hierarchy so they can be more effectively utilised,
  3. Unreturned products that could be recovered and reutilised, are likely to be driving additional procurement of new inventory to satisfy customer demand,
  4. Data silos between recovery, repair and planning impact your ability to satisfy customer demand, be that a service order/RMA or a managed service.

What if there was one place you could go to Plan, Deliver and Recover your precious assets, produce critical analytics and more dynamic insights that in turn drive more proactive communications with your customers and your business stakeholders? Thankfully there are such new technologies available to do just that. Integrated platforms that pull together data from various sources that can now drive previously unthinkable levels of insight and process improvement that allows smart recovery of assets that can then be re-purposed, reused and recycled.

We at OnProcess are experts in the field and have utilised our process knowledge of asset recovery and reverse logistics, along with deep relationships with some of the world’s largest technology companies, to develop our platform – OnProcess Agora – to support the circular and sustainable supply chains that are so desperately needed.

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