CFOs agree, business success depends as much on what happens after the sale as it does on the sale itself. According to a new study by CFO Research, sponsored by OnProcess, 78% believe post-sales service is becoming an increasingly important competitive differentiator for their companies. But most think their post-sales costs will be going up over the next few years and that there is significant room—and need—for optimization.

A majority said improving post-sale service will not only reduce repair and inventory costs (59%) and eliminate redundancies (71%), it will also boost customer satisfaction (83%), which we all know ties directly into attrition rates and revenue.

They also concur on what needs to be fixed:  50% need better communication and coordination among their post-sales functions, such as customer service, field service, returns, repairs and transportation. 41% could benefit from better data and analysis on customers and service events.

Check out the full survey results here, and get CFO Research’s take on the findings here.